There's nothing more exciting than having new roller Shutters Melbourne installed. The right colour and style will give your home a fresh new look that makes it stand out from the crowd. We've put together this guide to help you choose the right colour for your home, so read on!

But does the right colour really matter?

It's important to remember that colour choice is a matter of personal preference. Some people love the calming effect of neutral shades, and others prefer bolder shades that add visual interest to their rooms. 

Regardless of your preference, it's important to consider how your colour choice will impact you and other members of your family. It's also worth noting that colours can affect moods. 

How does one choose the right colour?

The choice of colour is one of the most important decisions you will make in your home. Your interior colour scheme can affect your mood, energy levels, and even how others perceive you. 

It's also an opportunity to create a theme for your space that's cohesive throughout the entire house.

Your choice of lighting fixtures can help set the tone for your space as well, so take some time to consider what kind of vibe you want each room to have. 

Roller shutters Melbourne

Complement your existing colour scheme

The first thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the right colour of roller Shutters Melbourne is the colours that already exist in your home. 

By selecting a neutral colour, you will be able to match it with any other interior design elements you have throughout your house.

Look at your neighbours

Choosing the right colour for your roller shutters is all about choosing a colour that complements your home but also blends in with the style of homes around it. If you live in an older neighbourhood, it's likely that many homes will be painted in neutral colours such as cream or light grey. 

In this case, look at the colour of your neighbours' homes; if they're painted in a complementary hue to yours (i.e., one which balances out both blues and yellows), try using the same shade on your roller shutters.

For those who live in more modern neighbourhoods with bolder architectural styles, using a complementary colour might make sense—however, there's no need to get too matchy-matchy here! 

A tasteful contrast between your new roller shutters and those of neighbouring houses can work just as well without being overwhelming or garish.

Evaluate all your options

Before choosing a shutter colour, you should evaluate all your options. This can be done by considering the following factors:

  • The colour of your house. If your home is made out of brick or stone and has red shutters, this will create cohesion between the materials used in construction and the colours that are chosen for protection.
  • The colour of your roof. It can blend quite well with other colours, but it's also good to have something contrasting so as not to make it look too dull or monotonous. 


Hopefully, we've helped you to understand that the right choice of Shutters Melbourne

for your home depends on what you want it to look like. If you're after something neutral and minimalistic, then black or white might be the way forwards; if you want something brighter with more personality, then blue or red could be perfect! 

Whatever colour scheme you choose, though, will depend on your personal preference as well as how much money is available for investment in these types of projects.